Enrollment and Request for Reimbursement Process

Application Process

  • A childcare center must submit an application for enrollment into the Knoxville Childcare Solutions Program. Applications will be submitted electronically to the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce at: Director@knoxvilleiachamber.com.
  • A committee will review applications to determine eligibility and award funding.
  • The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce will email notification of Provider (childcare center) eligibility within 15 business days of receiving the completed application.
  • Retention bonuses will be paid out twice a year, in December and June. Completed Employee Forms need to be collected by the Provider and submitted to Director@knoxvilleiachamber.com by November 30th for December payout and May 30th for June payout. A lump sum check will be made to the provider to cover the approved bonuses within 10 business days of receiving the completed forms. This check will include an additional 7.65% to cover payroll taxes.
  • Recruitment/hiring bonuses will be applied for during the hiring process for the eligible new hire via submitting the Recruitment Bonus Application form to Director@knoxvilleiachamber.com.

Documentation Requirements

  • The Provider must submit proof of payroll to eligible employees after the bonus has been paid out. The information must be submitted by the 15th of the following month. This will be reviewed to ensure Provider and Employee eligibility is maintained.
  • The Provider is responsible for notifying the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce of changes in employment status for participating employees including, but not limited to, changes in hours, wage, and position. Such notifications need only be made for changes material to employee eligibility.
  • Employees ineligible for the Wage Enhancement Program include: part-time employees at a level of less than 20 hours average per week during the reporting period, temporary employees, staff funded through the Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program; and support staff such as janitorial, kitchen, and office personnel.

Reporting Process

  • The Provider will complete and submit bi-annual reporting using the template provided. Critical submission dates and reporting periods are shown in the table below.

Key Program Dates

Bonus PayoutEmployee Forms DueProof of Payroll DueBi-Annual Report DueReporting Period
DecemberNovember 30thJanuary 15thJanuary 15thJuly 1 – December 31
JuneMay 30thJuly 15thJuly 15thJanuary 1 – June 30