The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce is focused on providing the best opportunities for our members and the Knoxville business community. We do that through three different lenses – education, networking, and collective marketing. We like to think of our programs as a la carte: take advantage of the programs that make sense for your business!

Lunch & Learn

These education sessions occur over the lunch hour and cover various topics regarding business challenges.

Let’s Meet for Koffee

A morning opportunity for local business leaders to get together monthly in an informal setting to discuss, share, and simply know that they are not alone in their business journey.

Idea Exchange

Bring your new ideas, expansion plans for existing business, or whatever your dreams may be for a workshop to help you get to the next step in your journey. Your plans can be at any stage of the planning process from only in your mind to a fully written out business plan. Our goal is to encourage growth, development, and the launch of small businesses through harnessing the power of collaborative, community-based idea exchanges.

Women’s Mentoring

Hosted by the Eastern Affiliates: Grinnell, Knoxville & Newton Chamber of Commerce is a program in collaboration with the Greater Des Moines Partnership to bring together women for a networking, coaching and mentoring session from the region’s more influential business leaders. The event is designed for women to find inspiration and guidance on their careers and is open to anyone in the Greater Des Moines community who would like to network and further their professional development.

Member Orientation

We want to help you better understand the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. New, existing, or non-chamber members can attend Member Orientation to learn about Knoxville Chamber of Commerce benefits and opportunities.

Annual Gathering

This is our largest gathering of members of the year and occurs at the end of February. Join us for a social hour and updates on what the Chamber accomplished this year and plans for the next.

Collaborative Marketing

Event Calendar & Newsletter – submit your public events to our community calendar and be included in an event newsletter we send out every other week.

Small Business Saturday – collaborate with other businesses to offer a shopping experience for the community the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Social Media – let us help you promote your business by posting to our social media pages or coming to visit for a Facebook Friday Live.

Website – a digital presence is important for all businesses. We help locals and visitors easily find local products and services they are looking for but offering our online business directory.